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How do our Managed Mobile Network Services compare against your current mobile service?

One managed tariff

Managing tariffs to avoid overspending is a complex and time-consuming challenge for businesses - and it’s almost impossible to predict in advance how much UK and roaming data you’ll use each month. As a result, most businesses spend significantly more than they expect over the term of their mobile agreements, as their tariffs are rarely aligned to their actual usage profile.

At Utelize, we’ve developed tariffs that are aligned and managed against your business usage profile for voice and data. As standard we include fair usage UK/EU calls & SMS (based on your current business usage profile) and shared 4G data.

Combine networks on one contract

Mobile coverage is always a challenge within business mobile estates, especially where your people are spread across multiple locations. However, running multiple networks and contracts typically increases costs, as well as placing an even greater administration and support burden on IT.

At Utelize, we can provide both O2 and Vodafone connections on one simple contract, with one monthly bill. What’s more, all users benefit from the same great managed tariff, and shared data across all users, regardless of which network they are on - helping to keep your people connected, and keeping your costs optimised.

Proactive cost management

With larger mobile estates, it’s not a simple task to constantly monitor usage and costs. Frustratingly, most mobile networks deliberately only provide usage and billing data once a month, so more often than not, you don’t find out about excess data charges, and roaming bill shock, until it’s way too late to do anything about it.

At Utelize, we monitor usage proactively across the month, helping to identify changes in usage patterns, or consistently high roaming costs. Typically, we receive UK usage records the next working day, (and a few days later for roaming charges), and so where possible, we’ll alert you as early as possible, and agree any actions to get your costs back under control.

Named support and 24/7 help desk

As the Utelize Managed Mobile Service is designed for mid-market and larger businesses, we can tailor our support to better meet your needs. All of our customers are assigned named support to help manage day-to-day activities. They’ll get to know your people, processes and preferences, so we can deliver the very best support to your IT team and users.

To ensure peace of mind , we can also provide a 24/7/365 help desk to enable your users to report lost and stolen devices at any time of the day – or night. Where you choose to use Utelize to provide your mobile device management (MDM), we can also invoke any pre-agreed device lock down processes or help to locate a missing device.

Shared 4G data across all users

If your business is like most, then your mobile data usage will vary significantly from month to month, and from user to user. It's also likely that you've had times when certain users exceeded allowances without knowing when tethering or downloading video.

With Utelize, each user typically receives their own monthly data allowance, (typically either 1Gb or 2Gb), however data allowances are also shared across all connections. This sharing of data significantly reduces wastage from unused data, and removes the need to implement more expensive data plans for high consumption users. Our service also includes, as standard, proactive data usage monitoring and alerting, to help keep costs and usage under control.

Flexible minimum terms

We live in challenging and uncertain times. Predicting how long you'll require each connection, or estimating how changes in mobile working will impact your mobile data consumption, seems like an excessively complex challenge.

With Utelize's Managed Mobile Network we offer a 30-day minimum term for each connection and no spend commitment as standard on our network services, so you can more easily adapt to business changes. We simply ask that you maintain an agreed overall minimum level of connections on our service for 12 or 24 months.

Simplified roaming charges

Managing where and when your users will need access to their mobile devices and data is a complex challenge. Lock your devices and connections down too much, and your users can’t be productive; remove all controls, and you’ll likely experience regular roaming bill shock.

At Utelize, we’ve developed a simpler approach to roaming that allows your users to work productively abroad, whilst keeping costs in check. EU roaming is included automatically and we offer fixed-cost voice and data roaming in over 50 of the most frequently visited countries outside the EU for just £5/day. We also offer bolt-ons that automatically apply when your users go further afield, removing the need for you to have to manage roaming tariffs.

Innovative device sourcing

Traditionally, businesses have been tied to buying their mobile devices from the mobile networks using a ‘tech fund’. This model suits the networks, however, most businesses overpay using this model, and can make significant cost savings by sourcing devices directly from the market.

At Utelize, we don't insist that our customers order their devices from us; however we do offer a wide range of innovative and cost effective options to purchase, finance, or even rent business smartphones and tablets. We can also provide extended warranty, managed repairs and end-of-life recycling and device trade in options.

Informative management reporting

At Utelize, we’re committed to ensuring that we deliver great customer service. And for us that also means helping our customers proactively to manage their mobile costs and usage.

As part of the managed service we’ll monitor your costs and usage, during the month, to alert you to any exceptional behaviour or unexpected costs. And as part of our monthly review, we’ll provide clear management insights and recommendations on how to address any identified issues. Where we identify connections that are not in use, we’ll flag these for your review, and if appropriate manage their disconnection. Finally, where required we can also provide cost centre recharge reporting and user statements, to help keep costs and usage in check.

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