BYOD Revisited

For many large organisations, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has failed to deliver the promise of true Enterprise Mobility due to unresolved concerns over security, privacy, cost benefits and end-user support.

With new ways of working, cloud first architecture and the advent of eSIM and Mobile Application Management (MAM) with Office 365, is it time that your organisation revisited its BYOD strategy?

This guide examines:
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Is your organisation struggling to find the right balance between BYOD and Corporate Mobile?

Corporate IT leaders are often challenged on why they still need to provide smartphones to users, when ‘surely employees all have their own personal device already?’

In practice, whilst BYOD seems like the obvious choice, there are many challenges to overcome when it comes to deploying a BYOD strategy successfully.

In this guide, we examine how your BYOD policy can both address user privacy concerns whilst balancing business security risks. Helping your business to save money and improve end-user experience and productivity in the process.

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