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Most mobile networks offer 99% coverage...

So why does it feel like your field workforce are always in the 1%?

Inconsistent mobile network coverage & connectivity ‘not-spots’ are one of the leading challenges that impact customer service & productivity for field workers and organisations that rely on mobile connectivity.  SureSIM from Utelize Mobile can help.

Introducing SureSIM Multi-Net

Eliminating the frustration of poor connectivity.

Unlike the traditional mobile data SIMs and connectivity provided by your mobile network, the SureSIM Multi-Network eSIM is able to access all of the UK networks (EE, Vodafone, O2 & Three) on one service without any need for end-user intervention, specialist equipment or up-front investment by your IT team. 


Designed specifically for use in tablets, ruggedised handheld devices, laptops, smartphones and vehicles, SureSIM can seamlessly connect to any available mobile network at each location, or even dynamically switch networks as your field workers change location and the signal strength changes. 

SureSIM is a business eSIM designed to keep your people and vehicles connected wherever they go, and eliminates the frustration of dropped connections and poor signal strength.

Multi-Network Coverage

Dynamic Network Switching

Real Time Visibility & Controls

Enhanced Visibility & Control

Our multi-network SureSIM solution comes with an easy to use dashboard that provides real-time visibility of your connections and access to a range of network management tools and performance reporting. Helping IT teams to:


Rapidly Diagnose & Resolve Issues

Identify and fix connectivity issues faster for your field workers to keep them working productively.

Data Usage Management

Real-time management & visibility of data usage to ensure costs are kept under control.

Enhanced Network Management

SureSIM Multi-Net provides granular controls to enable specific network selection and bespoke service configuration.

Customised Connectivity for your Business Needs

SureSIM's configurable service means it can be tailored to meet your specific business needs and sector.

Logistics & Transportation

Utilities & Infrastructure

Field Worker Services

Extend your IT resources with Utelize Mobile's range of optional support services

Device Preparation, Logistics & Management

For IT teams that require additional hands-on support, we offer a full Device Lifecycle Management “DLM” service to complement our SureSIM.

DLM is available on a project basis or as an ongoing support service, covering all stages of the device lifecycle, including sourcing & preparation, logistics, in life device, connectivity, user support and end-of-life device recycling & trade-in. 

Proactive Data Usage & Tariff Management

Managing mobile costs and usage for large mobile fleets is a time consuming and complex challenge, and when left unchecked, mobile bills can quickly escalate out of control.

Our proactive Mobile Expense Management service removes this challenge, providing in-month active usage monitoring, tariff optimisation and tailored business reporting and cost management.

Pre-Sales & Technical

Deploying the right mobile connectivity or devices to support your field workers and connected vehicles, is critical to delivering excellent customer service and ensuring a productive workforce.

As a Utelize Mobile customer you’ll automatically benefit from named helpdesk support, independent advice and access to “proof of concept” technical support to help with testing new services.

Private Mobile Networking

Dynamic, Fixed IP, and Secure Private APN Options.

As standard, SureSIM Multi-Net is provided with a Dynamic IP address and carrier internet access, however all of our services can be offered with the options for a Fixed IP address (where remote access to devices is required) or a Secure Private APN where all data originating from your Business SIMs can be terminated to your specific requirements and to enhance security. For example, to your own data centre or internet break-out or cloud service provider (e.g. Azure or AWS). 


Case Study:
Connectivity Meets Efficiency

Discover how Stagecoach Group, a leading UK transport firm, overcame resource constraints and improved their fleet support with the help of Utelize Mobile’s Managed Tablet Service (MTS) with integrated SureSIM and multi-network support.

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