One Mobile Data eSIM for your Global Workforce

Global Multi-Network Coverage | Real Time Control | Over the Air Deployment

Redefining Global Business
Mobile Data Connectivity

eSIM mobile data is dramatically reducing the cost of roaming for consumers; however most consumer eSIM solutions simply don’t offer the service and control that’s needed to support business users globally.

SureSIM Global is designed from the ground up to provide a ‘corporate grade’ roaming data service and support model that can be delivered in a standardised and simple way to your users in over 150 countries.

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Rethinking Global Business Roaming

Effective Policy Controls & Real Time Visibility

Cost Effective Roaming in 190 Countries

Global Contract, Billing & Reporting

One Simple eSIM Solution Globally

One eSIM for all Corporate & BYOD Roaming Data Usage - Globally

SureSIM Global simplifies the way multi-national organisations deploy and manage roaming data services for both corporately-owned and Bring-Your-Own smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Key features include:

Over The Air (OTA) eSIM Deployment:

SureSIM Global is typically deployed in a few easy steps directly to the user's device as an eSIM or pushed via MS Intune. QR code and physical SIM card options are also available.

Enhanced Network Coverage:

SureSIM Global provides multi-network services in most countries and intelligent network switching to optimise the quality of the data connection.

Choice of Usage Policy Controls:

Choose between our 'Business Profile' designed for secure business only usage or the 'Open Profile' which also offers access to consumer apps, streaming and social media services.

Pay as You Go or Fixed Cost Data Plan:

Users on the Business Profile have the option of our fixed cost mobile data, which provides uncapped usage in over 150 countries for just $75 pm.

SureSIM Global Zones

  • All
  • EU
  • Zone 1
  • Zone 2
  • Zone 3
  • Zone 4
  • Zone 5
Up to 95% cheaper than traditional roaming data charges

Business Profile

Unmanaged roaming usage can quickly spiral out of control causing ‘bill shock’ and often unwanted HR issues. Our Business Profile is designed to remove this risk for both the business and the employee.

Business Profile

Built on Fortigate’s firewall traffic management and categorisation rules, the Business Profile enables secure access to most business productivity and collaboration apps including all Microsoft business apps and services (e.g. Teams, Teams Video & Calling, Sharepoint, Office365, Outlook), whilst automatically restricting mobile data access to consumer and non-business sites.

Open Profile

Designed to empower Global IT teams to effectively deliver mobile data connectivity to users, whilst ensuring data costs are kept under control, our Open Profile allows users to also access consumer, non-business websites and apps whist roaming.

Open Profile

Whilst the unrestricted Open Profile opens up the connection for both business and consumer usage, it still provides near real time visibility and management tools to ensure that your IT team remains in control of costs at all times. The service can also be configured to enable or restrict usage in specific roaming zones to provide further control and can be switched to the Business Profile when needed.

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