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Looking for an experienced team to assist with a device refresh project? Rapidly scale your IT team with the help of Utelize Mobile.


Take the headache out of your next device refresh project

Utelize Mobile’s team are specialists at helping large businesses to quickly and efficiently rollout smartphones and tablets to end-users. 

Our project based support can cover all aspects of Device Lifecycle Management including assistance with sourcing and preparing devices, managing logistics right through to collecting and securely recycling old devices.


In this phase we’ll help you to try, test and select the right technology for your users and plan the best way to deploy, manage and finance those devices.

Using data driven insights and end-user surveys, we can also help IT teams to clarify end-user requirements prior to ordering devices, helping to remove unnecessary device investment or making it easy to capture specific order or upgrade requirements, where users are offered a choice of devices. 


Traditionally, businesses have either purchased their devices outright or used “mobile network tech funds” when financing devices.

Today it’s critical to understand not only the pros and cons of these models, but to also review how options like leasing, rentals and subscriptions can potentially benefit your business.

Utelize can guide your business through the different models and options to ensure your devices are financed in a cost effective way.


As part of our Mobile Device Project Support service, your business will automatically have access to our extensive network of distributors and specialist resellers, helping you to efficiently source all makes and models of devices and accessories that you may need. What’s more, we automatically carbon offset every smartphone and tablet that we provide, helping to make your refresh project more sustainable.

Alternatively, our customers are welcome to order devices using their mobile network tech fund or preferred supplier, and have these delivered to us for preparation.


As our support service is tailored to your needs, we can prepare your mobile devices to any specification  or build required, enabling your business to efficiently deliver “ready to use” devices to your users, along with any accessories and supporting information.

Our service can also include end-user remote training videos and communications to help them with setting up their devices where zero touch enrolment technologies like Apple Business Manager are used.


Our Device Project Support Service offers a wide range of delivery options that can be combined to support a range of deployments.

Our delivery options range from insured and tracked courier delivery, ideal for remote workers, through to fully branded VIP services and pop-up “tech bar” options for on-site device distribution and set-up support.


Managing end-user device orders and replacements requires well tested processes and resources to be in place to ensure a quick response and to limit downtime for users.

To provide a more responsive service, our Inview Mobile platform is integrated to our support team and optionally allows your users to schedule a device set up or support call on Teams or by telephone with one of our specialists. As part of the request users can share details of the problem, so our team can expedite the resolution of their issue.


Once your new devices have been prepared and shipped to site, we’ll ensure that your IT team have an accurate and detailed inventory of all devices issued as part of the refresh project including where appropriate device IMEI and serial numbers, warranty information and allocated user details, all of which is uploaded to our Inview Mobile platform.

Then in the final stage of the project, we’ll complete a full project briefing with your IT team and transfer the project inventory and updated process and deployment documents.


Unfortunately only about 1 in 5 corporate mobile phones are recycled when no longer required, and so a device refresh is an excellent time to consider how your business can make a difference with recycling.

As part of the project we can arrange for bulk collection of old devices, and complete a certified data wipe to ensure your corporate data and settings are permanently removed. Old devices can then either be sold to our certified recyclers or sent to your own preferred recycler for processing.

We also operate an iPhone gifting programme, where 100% of the funds raised from the sale of “in support” working iPhones goes to build Solar powered community hubs via our Programme with ComputerAid and Dell Technologies, helping to change lives in the poorest areas of the world.



Making your Device Refresh more sustainable

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we’ve partnered with Ripple Africa, a non-profit organisation that rebuilds natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation in Malawi, which also creates valuable local employment.

Utelize helps to reduce the impact of buying and shipping new smartphones and tablets, by planting five trees for every device we supply. Find out more about how your device refresh project can be sustainably managed and help to change lives.

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Established in 2010, we’re an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) specialising in mobile device management solutions &                connectivity for large businesses.

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Justin O'Sullivan

Project Manager at Mitsubishi Corporation


Justin O'Sullivan

Project Manager at Mitsubishi Corporation

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