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Balancing Productive Mobile Working & Security
Balancing Productive Mobile Working & Security

For IT leaders in Professional Services firms, managing mobile and remote working is a constant balancing act between ensuring best in class data and device security whilst also enabling ‘always-on’ connectivity.

And with the recent increase in home working it’s never been for challenging for IT teams to provide access to enterprise resources and systems, to keep their fee earners and users working securely and productively.

The IT Challenges

IT Leaders are facing a wide range of new challenges when it comes to managing their workforces and mobile IT:
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Providing stable, secure & high-speed remote access to company resources, servers & data.

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Scaling VPN services and technologies to support large scale remote working.

Delivering high quality connectivity & end user support tailored to the needs of different users across many locations.

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Ensuring that corporate & mobile devices remain protected at all times, especially on home Wi-Fi & broadband & when roaming.

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Making sure that mobile costs & usage don’t spiral out of control, at a time when budgets simply have to be met.

Empowering Secure & Productive Mobile Working

At Simovate we help Enterprise IT leaders to blend the right combination of 4G, 5G and IoT mobile networks with next generation data networking technologies to address these challenges. Inspiring new ways to achieve improved security and increase user productivity whilst retaining the flexibility to adapt to future changes within their firms. 

For corporate IT teams, our ‘plug and play’ mobile networking solutions are easy to deploy and can quickly enhance remote and mobile worker connectivity. Delivering improved end user coverage that can also reduce business security risks, whilst providing IT teams with better control and visibility when it’s required.

By leveraging 4G and 5G network services from across the market, we can help IT teams to rapidly extend high quality connectivity to end users that is tailored to their own location and needs, instead of relying on the service of just one mobile network.

Our managed services cover all UK networks (including multi-network SIMS that work across all networks) as well as many international services, with data allowances that can be tailored to meet individual user requirements.


By combining the right mobile network with the right networking devices and technologies, we can help IT teams to enhance mobile signal where it’s poor (both at home and when travelling) to better meet the needs of end users and to keep them working productively.

And with private mobile networking, we can help IT teams to streamline support, invoke real time monitoring and management and even remove the need for legacy technologies like VPN’s, to dramatically improve end user productivity.

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By applying security and management controls into both the network and device layers of our services, we can help IT teams to address the challenges of managing security and accessing corporate data in a range of innovative ways that are not possible with traditional mobile broadband and data services.

With both internet-based services and private mobile networking services (that bypass the public internet entirely) we can help your IT team to reduce mobile worker cyber & security threats, protect corporate data and improve support for mobile workers and remote locations.

Tailored Next Generation Mobile Data Networks

Our services can be fully tailored to deliver the right combination of mobile networks, networking technologies and support to meet the different needs of your IT team and remote workers across your organisation

Combine Networks & Services

One-stop access to all UK and many international networks including our multi-network SIM, enabling tailored connectivity to ensure optimum coverage is provided to each end-users specific needs and home working location.
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Proactive Tariff Management

Data allowances and tariffs are proactively managed and competitively priced, so that they can be easily aligned with the changing usage profiles and needs of your end users both in the UK and internationally.
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Data Usage Management

Our services can deliver near real time data and usage management with automated policy-based alerts to ensure mobile usage and costs remain under control with location based usage policies and alerts.
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Enhanced Security

Our services can be optionally configured to support private mobile networking – where data from end user devices and home locations is securely routed directly to your data centre without using the public internet or as an encrypted software defined service.

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IP Management

For IT teams that want greater levels of control and remote management, our services can incorporate public and private IP addresses to deliver enhanced network management and control.

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Plug & Play Solutions

Our flexible and fully managed mobile services allow Enterprise IT teams to rapidly deploy secure connectivity and services, which are ready to use out the box for mobile and remote workers, with optional at home on-site installation services for VIP’s or where support is required.

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