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Business Mobile Contract Negotiations & Device Sourcing

Maximise savings and reduce the time it takes to procure mobile network services and device purchases with our specialist team.


Expert advice, analysis & benchmarking 

The mobile industry is renowned for its complicated airtime contracts and tariffs, which are designed to trap large businesses into spending more than they expected to over the term of the agreement. 

What’s more, with the rapidly-changing use of mobile devices and services there has come new ways of working and with technologies like MS Teams, it’s never been more complex for businesses to clearly articulate their mobile requirements and negotiate a business mobile phone contract that will genuinely save money, even when usage profiles and requirements change.

Striking the Right Balance

Businesses that fail to strike the right balance between achieving the optimum pricing today, whilst ensuring that their contract terms are flexible enough to deal with change, typically give back those savings over the term of thir agreement.

Our specialists not only understand business mobile contracts and pricing, they also understand mobile network and device technology and how mobile needs to be supported and managed. Ensuring we can guide you to the right contract for your business, in a way that’s aligned to both your commercial objectives as well as the way that mobiles will deployed and  supported once the agreement is signed. 


Proven Negotiation  Models & Processes


Our hands-on mobile procurement specialists are experienced in negotiating ‘right-fit’ mobile airtime and device purchasing contracts that are specifically tailored to our customers’ requirements, both in the UK and internationally.

Based on Utelize’s tried and tested 4 Stage Model for Mobile Contract Negotiations” we’ll work closely with your IT, Finance and technology Procurement teams to support you through to implementation of your new agreement. 

Providing accurate insights into current and projected usage of mobile, creating detailed analysis models, sharing detailed market and benchmark data to help establish commercial targets and ultimately ensuring you have all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Our mobile procurement support services include:

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