Mobile Expense Management

Want to gain total control of your mobile costs, inventory, and usage? Utelize can help.

Organisations of all sizes, from all sectors, are unknowingly overspending on mobile network services and device purchasing. Are you?

Hidden costs, inappropriate tariffs and contracts, ineffective tech funds, unused services, exceptional usage, policy breaches, and billing errors exist in almost all mobile budgets. However, many of the opportunities to reduce and control costs can only be truly uncovered when an organisation has a detailed and continuous understanding of how it purchases, uses, and manages its mobile services and devices.

An effective mobile expense management strategy can help you to optimise your mobile costs, quickly releasing significant budget, often in excess of 20%, that can be reinvested in transforming your mobile IT.

Our Mobile Expense Management services are tailored to your organisation’s requirements and can include:

  • invoice validation and budget variance tracking
  • cost centre recharge and reporting
  • user statements and usage policy management
  • mobile inventory management
  • tariff optimisation
  • data usage & roaming management
  • identification and removal of unused services
  • order tracking and order processing
  • savings tracking

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