Making a Difference through Mobile Recycling

For many of our clients, ensuring that their mobile devices are securely processed and data wiped when they are no longer required is something that’s become increasingly important.

Utelize has created a simple innovative solution that offers unique CSR benefits, allowing companies to securely gift their old devices whilst making a real difference in the world.

Utelize have teamed up with Computer Aid and Dell Technologies to support the Solar Learning Labs programme – an initiative that brings technology to communities around the world, ensuring everyone has a chance to learn Digital Skills.

Over the next two years, Utelize and our partners are aiming to fund a brand-new Solar Learning Lab (SLL) in South Africa, with 100% of the funds that we raise from gifted devices going directly to this amazing cause.

About Solar Learning Labs

You might take access to computers, the internet and technology in general for granted – but imagine if you were growing up in a town or community where such access was scarce or non-existent.

That’s where Solar Learning Labs come in. Built from converted shipping containers, these computer labs are solar-powered, which means they are self-sufficient and can be placed just about anywhere in the world.

Solar Learning Labs provide an opportunity for young learners to benefit directly from the expertise of in-country trainers and gain first-hand experience with technology and the Internet.

With the help of technology partner Dell Technologies, Computer Aid has opened 21 labs in 6 countries, with a goal of building 100 around the world by 2030.

Since 1997 Computer Aid have helped over 14.5 million people worldwide and provided over 260,000 computers in over 100 countries, enabling over 1 billion hours of learning.

As part of the programme we offer two options for gifting your devices.

Option 1: Donate unused devices

If you’ve already decided that you wish to donate your old devices to the Solar Learning Lab project, then we can simply arrange for your devices to be picked up or shipped directly to our accredited recycling partner. As part of the secure processing, your devices will have a fully certified multi-stage data erasure completed, with the device being restored to its original factory settings, before being sold to the 2nd user market.

100% of the resale value that would ordinarily be paid for the device is then sent directly to the Solar Learning Lab project. There is no charge for this service; however, we do ask for a contribution towards any transport and courier charges (where applicable).

Option 2: Utelize Audited Process

If you’d prefer for the Utelize review to be completed first, then following our audit, any unlocked devices that you are happy to gift or resell are sent by Utelize to our accredited recycling partner for resale. We will then work with you to try and remove any iCloud / Google device locks on any remaining devices and/or return any devices that you may wish to retain.

We charge a fee of £12.50 per device for the Utelize audited process (plus any transport or courier charges); however, this processing fee is 100% waived for any devices that are subsequently gifted to the programme where there is some residual value in the device.