Inview Mobile Portal

Utelize’s innovative portal will help to bring total control over your mobile costs and usage

Gain complete control of your mobile costs, usage and inventory with the help of Utelize’s innovative Inview Mobile Portal.

The Inview Mobile Portal provides a simple to use platform that enables IT and Finance teams to effectively manage their mobile estate and optimise costs. Helping your business to rapidly identify and remove unused services and excess costs, optimise tariffs and data plans and to distribute accurate management reports and statements to your business cost centres and end users.

We support all UK mobile networks and major providers, offering a wide range of tools and features to ensure your mobile costs and inventory are kept under control at all times. As part of the service our analysts will also review your mobile costs each month, to ensure that you are always up to speed with any recommended actions or usage issues across your mobile estate.

Optimise your mobile costs with the Inview Mobile Portal

Our mobile & telecoms management software that is delivered as part of a tailored package to support all aspects of mobile management.

Utelize’s comprehensive portal provides a wide range of capabilities including:

  • Monthly Business Mobile Metrics
  • Cost and Usage Trend Reporting
  • Exceptional Usage & Cost Alerts
  • Detailed Investigation & Analysis Tools
  • Inactive Connection Reporting
  • Data Usage Monitoring
  • Inventory Reporting & Tracking
  • Policy Management and Monitoring
  • Cost Centre Reporting
  • User Statements & Personal Portal Access

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Experienced IT leaders recognise that to control mobile costs and usage, they require both accurate and informative management reports as well as the time and resources to act upon any highlighted issues.

By partnering with Utelize, you’ll immediately gain access to clear and meaningful mobile reporting and inventory tools that work across all UK networks and suppliers, as well as proactive cost analysis and optional implementation resources to take action to keep costs optimised.

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