For many MSP’s, Resellers and Data Networking providers, supporting mobile isn’t something that comes naturally.

However, with unprecedented levels of remote working set to remain, the rise of 4G and 5G mobile data services as alternatives to fixed line services & with mobile networks rapidly expanding their portfolio into managed IT, end-user computing and wide area networking, isn’t it time your business got up to speed with mobile services?

The thing is, you could up-skill your team and try to resell traditional mobile services, however in practice you’ll quickly find that the mobile networks will invariably opt to undercut your pricing and offer your corporate customers exclusive discounts on data and devices that are simply inaccessible in the wholesale mobile market. As a result, many MSP’s and resellers simply can’t compete for larger customers, placing threats on their business revenues, hindering growth and impacting their business value.

This is where Utelize can help

We offer a white-labelled, network-independent, and fully managed mobile service known as “Virtual Mobile Manager” or “VMM”, that enables MSP’s and Resellers to extend their portfolio to include mobile connectivity and management services.

What’s more, as VMM can be deployed at any time, whether a corporate customer is in contract or not, your business development team can win business without having to engage in the typically RFP processes associated with corporate mobile contracts.

Win new business, even when competing directly against the mobile networks.

Create new profitable revenue streams & propositions that include M2M, IoT and managed devices.

Deliver world class reporting via our branded “Inview Mobile” customer portal and helpdesk.

Leverage references from our existing large enterprise customers.

Protect your existing customer base from competitors and mobile networks.

Helping your customers to:

Improve end-user Productivity

Free Up IT Resources

Reduce Mobile Network Costs

The Managed Mobile Service for MSP's & Resellers

Our white labelled Virtual Mobile Manager (VMM) service supports corporate IT teams, helping to reduce the time spent on mobile administration, improving support for end users and ensuring mobile devices, network services, usage and costs are effectively managed and controlled.

We also typically help to save VMM customers material amounts of money on their mobile network costs, often releasing 30% or more from mobile budgets. Money that can then be reinvested into your own portfolio of IT & Telecoms products and services; helping to further improve employee and business productivity.

Ideal for corporate customers who...

Want to release their IT team from day to day mobile administration so they can focus on more strategic projects

Need hands-on support with Mobile Network & Device Management

Want to secure market leading pricing and terms from their mobile network

Want to deploy the right mobile technologies and services to improve the productivity of their workforce

Want to deliver excellent support to their mobile and remote workforce

Want to regain control of their mobile spend, usage and inventory

If you’ve already experienced the challenges of incorporating mobile into your proposition or want to explore how mobile can form part of your managed service portfolio, then we’d love to talk.

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