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Looking for a cost effective way to upgrade to an iPhone or iPad solution for your business users?

Delivering cost effective Apple devices for your business can be a significant financial challenge. Utelize can help.

Mobile device expenditure is a rapidly growing, but often hidden part of IT budgets. Most businesses have also reached a tipping point, where this significant cost can no longer be hidden in their mobile airtime bill by using a network ‘tech fund’. In fact; many businesses, especially those adopting high-end smartphones like the iPhone, are facing up to the reality that their future mobile device expenditure is going to outstrip their mobile airtime costs.

At Utelize, we specialise in helping businesses to cost effectively implement and support Apple iPhone & iPad devices, using our innovative range of purchase, rental and managed services. All developed and supported with the UK’s leading mobile distributors and technology companies.

Mobile Device Leasing, Purchase or Managed Device – what’s best for your business?

How you fund your Apple devices will depend on many different factors, including the model of device, how long you expect to use the device and your business preferences on capital expenditure. Our specialists can guide your business through the wide range of finance and support models. Helping you to quickly find the right model for your business.

Whichever model you use to finance your Apple phones and tablets, with Utelize you’ll always benefit from unlocked devices at market leading prices. And you’ll be able to add flexible options like device staging, Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP), extended warranty & repair services.

Enterprise Premium Used iPhone from Utelize

Whilst many businesses automatically choose new devices, a growing number of our customers are choosing Enterprise Premium Used iPhone devices from Utelize. These high end “as-new” second user devices have been fully ISO quality tested (cosmetically and technically, including testing the battery charge cycle) and are wiped of all data. For total peace of mind we also ship each iPhone device with our market leading ‘Enterprise’ support package which includes a new 24-month warranty.

Our Enterprise Premium Used iPhones package includes as standard:

  • A 24 Month next working day exchange warranty – we manage this process via our help desk service (New Apple devices come with a 12-month warranty without next day exchange)
  • Device inventory logging – to ensure rapid support and to maintain a record of device history
  • New compatible lightning cable (optional accessories can also be included)
  • Secure End of Life Trade-in, Disposal and Recycling Support
  • Flexible finance and ownership models – purchase, lease or rent

We can then tailor the package to include:

  • Corporate device packaging – with your business branding
  • Kitting – the addition of items like screen protectors, cases, earphones and new charger plugs
  • Optional insertion printed materials into packaging (e.g. Branded User Guide)
  • Enrolment with Apple DEP (Device Enrolment Program)

By adopting Utelize’s Enterprise Premium Used iPhone service, your business could reduce overall mobile device and support costs by up to 20% – whilst releasing your IT team for more strategic work.

If you’d like to learn more about Mobile Device Lifecycle Management or how businesses are using our strategies to effectively drive down their mobile costs, then visit our Resource Centre. There you can download our free Best Practice guides, including:

Transform your Approach to Mobile Device Lifecycle Management – in this guide we provide detailed insights into the different models and finance options that businesses are using to drive down their mobile device purchasing and support costs. It also provides ‘step by step’ actions that your business can adopt to streamline device support and to free up costs.

Breaking the mobile ‘tech fund’ habit’ – In this white paper we delve into the hidden negative impact that ‘tech funds’ are having on your long term mobile costs and management, and why removing these from your contract could transform your mobile IT budget.

Negotiating the right-fit mobile contract for your business – In this guide we outline in detail the Utelize methodology for achieving the ‘right-fit’ mobile contract for your business. The guide reviews the key elements of planning that your should consider before negotiations, as well as our proven ‘10‘ objectives model for securing flexible and best value commercial terms.

If you like our approach, and would like to discuss your mobile device requirements in more detail then contact us on 03300 240 444 or at hello@utelize.co.uk to arrange a discovery meeting.


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Since moving to Utelize, we’ve received excellent proactive support, removed bill-shock, and released our IT team from mobile administration.

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