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Why choose EE Managed Mobility from Utelize Mobile?

Total mobile support service included with EE Managed Mobility at no extra cost

Utelize Mobile Customers typically save at least 30% or more on business mobile costs

Simple renewal for EE customers or fully managed migration from other UK networks


Great pricing, flexible terms and unrivalled support.

EE recognises that some businesses are looking for a more tailored and proactively managed experience when selecting the right mobile provider for their organisation. With EE Managed Mobility from Utelize Mobile, that’s exactly what you can expect.

Tailored Business Mobile

Whether you’re an existing EE business customer looking to renew your EE mobile airtime agreement or you’re considering a move to the UK’s #1 rated mobile network, EE Managed Mobility from Utelize Mobile offers an unrivalled commercial package with the added benefit of our inclusive managed mobile network and device support service. It’s also available to all qualifying business customers with over 100 business connections.

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Example EE Managed Mobility Pricing

Excluding VAT based on 36 month term

100 - 249

£ 8 pm / connection
  • 3GB Pooled UK/EU Data per Connection
  • EU Roaming Included
  • Includes Managed Mobility Service
  • Optional Shared Roaming & International Calling Bundles

250 - 499

£ 7 pm / connection
  • 3GB Pooled UK/EU Data per Connection
  • EU Roaming Included
  • Includes Managed Mobility Service
  • Optional Shared Roaming & International Calling Bundles

500 - 999

£ 6 pm / connection
  • 2GB Pooled UK/EU Data per Connection
  • EU Roaming Included
  • Includes Managed Mobility Service & Device Support
  • Optional Shared Roaming & International Calling Bundles

1,000 +

£ 5 pm / connection
  • 2GB Pooled UK/EU Data per Connection
  • EU Roaming Included
  • Includes Managed Mobility Service & Device Support
  • Optional Shared Roaming & International Calling Bundles

What's included in the service?

All designed to ensure that every aspect of your EE mobile network service is proactively managed.
With the EE Managed Mobility service you’ll gain access to:

Proactive Mobile Cost & Usage Control

Tailored In-Life Network & Device Support

Independent Technology Advice

Proactive Mobile Cost & Usage Control

The EE Managed Mobility service from Utelize Mobile is built on our industry leading Inview Mobile Portal, supporting all aspects of your EE mobile network costs, usage & inventory management. Helping to rapidly identify and optimise costs and usage and ensuring your mobile budget and tariffs are kept under control.

Inview Mobile’s advanced data analytics and insights also provide IT leaders with better visibility on how employees really use their mobile devices, helping them to make better informed mobile technology investments and to develop effective mobile strategies.


Proactive mobile cost and usage management is at the heart of the EE Managed Mobility service, and to ensure our customers have total visibility of their mobile estate we provide access to our innovative “Inview Mobile” management portal. 

The Inview Mobile portal provides an easy to use platform for managing mobile costs, identifying any unused services, trend reporting, device lifecycle and inventory management as well as tracking exceptional mobile data and roaming usage. 

The portal also supports mobile usage policy management and end-user statements, which we use to help our customers develop and test the right usage policies for their business and to educate users on their own impact on business mobile costs.

To help keep your mobile costs optimised, the EE Managed Mobility service includes a monthly healthcheck of your EE billing and usage by our mobile data analyst team – following which we’ll discuss any findings and recommendations on a scheduled monthly call. The healthcheck covers a range of key metrics and review areas including:

  • Exceptional Usage & Policy Issues – we’ll flag any excess usage or activity that’s creating out of bundle charges and recommend practical actions to help control costs
  • Inactive Services and Connections – we’ll track the use of all connections and recommend tariff changes, barring or cancellation actions where unnecessary costs are incurred
  • Tariff & Data Management – we’ll track data usage based on agreed policies and monitor wider long-term usage trends to ensure that your data plans and tariffs remain optimised to your actual usage

For customers that require a greater level of control over their mobile data usage for both UK and Roamed usage on smartphones and tablets, the EE Managed Mobility service offers a range of monitoring and alerting services.

These services are based on in-month alerts and usage data from the EE network, which we monitor against pre-agreed allowances and policies – removing the need to continuously monitor EE Mobile Manager. When these thresholds are breached, the service can send tailored SMS notifications to your users (and optionally to managers) or invoke pre-agreed restrictions to control usage and cost.

We can also offer Jamf real time data management tools, for organisations that are looking for a higher level of data usage and cost control over their mobile estate.

With the EE Managed Mobility service, you’ll automatically gain access to EE’s latest corporate tariffs, which include shared UK data and EU roaming. As standard we offer a flexible ‘spend only’ commitment with no minimum term per connection and our innovative tariffs are also auto-optimising each quarter based on actual usage, helping to prevent unwanted excess charges. 

For customers with users that roam outside of the EU or those that need to make higher volumes of international calls, our EE Managed Mobility plans can also include options for shared rest of world roaming voice and data, daily roaming plans and shared UK to international calling plans.

Whilst flexible tariffs are an essential tool to help manage mobile costs, user behaviour and education also play an important role in cost control. To support this we provide a range of tools including end-user mobile statements, cost centre reporting, and in-month usage alerts that are triggered based on policies agreed with your IT team.

Tailored In-Life Network & Device Support

The EE Managed Mobility Service from Utelize Mobile is designed to proactively assist your IT team, taking care of the day to day administration and management of your mobile network orders and support requests, so they can focus on more strategic work. 

We can also provide optional end-user mobile support via our innovative Inview Mobile support application as well as ‘device lifecycle’ services to help streamline the management of joiners and leavers processes and to assist with device preparation, logistics and end-of-life secure recycling.


One of our core roles at Utelize Mobile is to help our EE Managed Mobility customers to release their own IT teams from day to day mobile network and device ordering and administration, so they can focus on more strategic projects and IT transformation.

To achieve that, we provide named support and resources that are specifically aligned and tailored to meet the needs of each of our EE business customers. Enabling our specialist team to act as a direct extension of your own team, aligned to your own processes and preferences. 

With our innovative Inview Mobile application and portal, you can also easily extend support to your end users, where we’ll help to manage initial network and device queries based on authorisations agreed with your IT team.

Maintaining an accurate inventory of mobile devices, connections and users is an essential part of keeping mobile costs and security in check.

With EE Managed Mobility, all mobile network and device orders placed via our team are accurately updated in our Inview Mobile portal, and we’ll also track your leavers and joiners data to ensure that your inventory is up to date and under control.

As part of the establishment process, we can also help to audit and cleanse existing inventory data, helping to remove unused services and update inaccurate information. Typically our audit identified hidden cost savings that can regularly reduce mobile bills by 10-15%.

With EE Managed Mobility from Utelize Mobile, we provide our customers with a comprehensive support service for devices that can remove the requirement for in-house IT teams to source, prepare and manage mobile phones and tablets, ensuring devices are ready to ship to users at short notice.

Our comprehensive service can support both device refresh projects as well as all day-to-day order management using dedicated buffer stock to ensure availability of devices for new orders and replacements whenever they are required.

For many businesses the in-life processes surrounding device repairs, device inventory updates, leaver processes and the management of end-of-life recycling and certified data wiping often get forgotten with higher priority tasks.

However, when effectively managed, these processes put an end to paying for unused services, remove confidential corporate data from old devices and they help to ensure that leavers return company IT assets. Repurposing, repairing and recycling used devices also offers a more cost-effective solution than simply purchasing new devices every time a device is damaged or lost, and it’s also more environmentally friendly.

As part of our optional ‘Device Lifecycle’ services, we can take care of your in-life device management and recycling to help keep your estate optimised and e-waste free, whilst also helping to reduce investment in new devices. And with our Solar Community Hubs programme, you can also make a real difference in the developing world by gifting unwanted devices.

Independent Technology Advice

As an EE Managed Mobility customer with Utelize Mobile, you’ll gain direct access to independent industry experts and a project team who can help you to develop & deploy an effective and sustainable mobile device and network strategy for your business.

We can provide detailed usage insights, best practice advice and hands-on support to help you understand how mobile technologies are really being used in your business today, and independent guidance to help identify the right solutions and technologies for your future business needs. We can also provide ad-hoc project resources to ensure that device upgrades and device recycling processes are effectively co-ordinated with your end-users.


As a Utelize Mobile customer you’ll gain direct access to industry experts and a project team who can help you to develop & deploy an effective and sustainable mobile device and network strategy for your business.

Our proven data-driven model starts by helping IT leaders to gain complete visibility of their mobile estate. Empowering them to quickly release IT resources and budget, and to reduce their carbon footprint by optimising device investment and removing wastage.

Upgrading and refreshing large numbers of business smartphones and tablets across your user base can be a resource intensive and expensive process, especially with remote working and field based employees.
Our Device Project Support Services are designed to provide your IT team with an experienced and dedicated team that can assist with the management and roll out of device refresh projects, helping to release your IT team to focus on strategic projects.

Our support can include advice and guidance on device strategy, configuration of MDM/UEM platforms to support streamlined deployments, as well as device sourcing and staging, all backed by dedicated project management.

With hybrid working, we can also offer co-ordination of direct delivery to end users or delivery and distribution at corporate offices.

Mobile devices and cloud services have now become the front line for access to your business services and data. Gaining visibility into the entire spectrum of mobile risks, deploying the right technology, ensuring device health and helping to protect your users, devices and data has never been more important. 

As a EE Managed Mobility customer, you’ll have access to independent expert advice and support from Utelize Mobile to find the right technologies to secure your Corporate issued and Bring Your Own mobile devices and to ensure your users are able to work productively. 

Helping to build and tailor policies that can measurably reduce security threats from risks like malware, corrupt home or public Wi-Fi networks and phishing attacks whether they are invoked by email, SMS or social media applications. 

Negotiating the ‘right fit’ mobile contract that is both market competitive and also flexible enough to deal with unexpected changes in your mobile usage profile or estate can be a complex process. 

With many employees now working remotely or in a hybrid model between home and office, the way employees use their phones has changed dramatically since Covid-19. Understanding these changes and negotiating the right contract and terms with the flexibility to adapt to change has never been important than it is today.

With Utelize Mobile as your partner, you’ll have access to our industry experts to help guide you through the different commercial models and tariffs. Using data-driven insights into the way your organisation uses mobile services, we’ll help you to optimise your EE mobile costs and create the right mobile strategy that aligns with your device refresh requirements. Helping you to secure the ‘right fit’ and best value contract for your business needs, whilst reducing the procurement cycle to deliver quicker results.

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Whether you’re currently with EE and looking to renew or with another UK network and considering a switch, our service is designed to support a simple renewal for existing EE customers and a fully managed migration for newcomers. We handle all aspects of the switch to ensure a seamless transition.

Our contracts are flexible; however, we typically offer a 36-month term to secure the best pricing and terms for your business mobile needs.

By switching to EE Managed Mobility, you benefit from market-leading EE pricing and terms, tailored business mobile solutions, and our comprehensive mobile support services. This includes technical support, a named service manager, proactive expense and inventory management, and access to our Inview Mobile Portal for in-depth usage and cost tracking.

Our service is designed to proactively manage and optimise your mobile costs. We provide monthly health checks of your EE billing and usage, manage tariff changes or adjustments, and provide in-month usage monitoring to ensure that your mobile costs are kept under control.

Yes, to access our EE Managed Mobility service, your business needs to have a minimum of 100 mobile connections. This ensures that we can offer the most cost-effective and tailored solutions to meet your business needs.

Absolutely! Existing EE business customers can easily renew their mobile airtime agreement through us. We offer additional managed services and support as part of our partnership with EE, enhancing your mobile experience without any additional cost.

Our service includes access to a named service manager, a comprehensive helpdesk, technical support, and an innovative mobile management platform that offers in-month usage and spend tracking, mobile expense management, cost centre reporting, and branded end-user statements.

The EE Managed Mobility service from Utelize Mobile is provided at no extra charge due to our strategic partnership with EE, which is designed to improve customer satisfaction levels and support long-term customer retention for EE. These incentives allow us to integrate our managed services directly into your EE business mobile package to deliver a tailored support service for your organisation.

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