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Is a shared liability model right for your business to support the journey to 5G?

We know from the past, that each new generation of mobile network and devices, brings greater opportunities for businesses to improve productivity and supports increased levels of mobile and flexible working. 4G networks and smartphones have transformed our ability to work remotely and 5G will continue that trend, but also enable more reliable, secure and…

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Is your business missing out on significant mobile cost savings by only focusing on procurement as the route to controlling your mobile budget?

Whilst there’s no denying that an effective mobile procurement project can generate significant cost savings, many mid market and large enterprises miss out on 20% or more in additional cost savings by failing to review other activities that can quickly reduce mobile costs. In this quick guide I’ll highlight three additional steps that your business…

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Can Finance and Procurement teams take the lead in telecoms cost management?

It’s our experience that most businesses look to negotiate better prices with their vendors (normally in return for contract extensions) as their primary method of telecoms cost reduction. Often procurement teams will be asked to take ownership of such activities and manage the process, either via a tender or more commonly through tactical negotiations. Whilst…

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Corporate iPhone Pricing and Device Update

So another iPhone launch comes and goes, lots of new cameras, a distinct lack of 5G, however some really interesting new features for helping business and personal usage and apps to co-exist with the new corporate ID and “User Enrolment” features. As someone with a keen interest in both the technology and the procurement of…

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Top 10 reasons why large businesses overspend on mobile services

Do you suspect you’re overspending on mobile services and devices but can’t put your finger on exactly why; or possibly you’re always over budget on mobile and are tired of trying to justify why to your finance director? We’ve collated a quick list of some of the more common reasons large businesses struggle to control…

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Is your business fully prepared for your next mobile contract negotiation?

Mobile contract negotiations can be a complex and time consuming activity for businesses and if incorrectly managed they can also lead to very large and unplanned excess costs over the term of the agreement. Despite this, many businesses still treat mobile as a simple ‘commodity’ when it comes to negotiations and opt to manage the…

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