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When I first started working in the telecoms industry in 1994 things were very different: mobiles were still mainly for a select group of business users; Nokia and Motorola were the big brands in mobile devices; BT owned Cellnet (now O2); Cable & Wireless and BT dominated the fixed line markets; Mercury One2One and Orange had recently launched; and yes, I had hair…well some, anyway!

Whilst the telecoms market has changed beyond recognition, and vendors and services have come and gone, one constant has always been complexity – or over-complexity, to be precise.

Whilst the true technical aspects of delivering voice and data across telecoms networks are undoubtedly complex, few of us ever need to know how they really work. Instead, we need to understand which technologies will best suit our communications needs, how these technologies can make us more productive, or deliver better customer service, and we need to be sure that our communications services are suitably resilient and secure. For some reason, the telecoms industry likes to unnecessarily over-complicate its products and services, and it loves three- and four-letter acronyms – SIP, TEM, MDM, EMM, ISDN, MPLS, VOIP, QoS – the list is endless. It then wraps these acronyms with complex, inflexible tariffs and contracts, which are normally backed by indecipherable fine print and penalties that will be applied to your account should your business needs dare to change over the next three years.

For good measure, the networks normally throw in a dedicated account manager (e.g. a named sales representative) who’ll gladly come and see you at renewal time, or if there’s a new opportunity for them to hit their targets – ask them to deal with your never-ending billing issues and bill shock, amend your contract commitments to better suit your current needs, or resolve a genuine service issue, and you’ll likely be disappointed.

In short, the telecoms industry thrives on this complexity. Its products are designed to make them seem superficially competitive and complex, both to satisfy and frighten off unwanted finance attention, which frees the way for the generation of excessive hidden margins, once customers are locked into their new contract (e.g. excess data and roaming charges, and under-performance penalties).

At Utelize, we’re reinventing the way in which business mobile services are delivered. Removing the complexity is at the heart of all of our services, delivering contracts and tariffs that are transparent and flexible, and ensuring that each customer has the right blend of services to meet their real business needs.

Our team has hands-on experience and knowledge, gained from supporting a wide range of organisations, to implement the right strategies, processes, and contracts, to optimise mobile network and device management – helping to reduce costs, free up our customers’ IT resources, and improving device and data security. We gladly share our knowledge with everyone, in our Resource Centre, where you’ll find transparent ‘best practice’ guides and insightful reports.

If you decide we might be the right fit for your organisation, we’ll happily meet for a discovery meeting, and, if appropriate, complete a no-obligation review based on your mobile billing data. This enables us better to understand your requirements, and to demonstrate where we can help – and if we can’t help, we can usually introduce you to someone who can.

I hope you find our site of value and interest, and I look forward to meeting you when you decide it’s the right time to get in touch.

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We’ve worked with Utelize for a number of years and we’d highly recommend their services. Professional, first-class customer service across the team, and in my experience, unparalleled market expertise.

Martin Evans - Head of IT Service Management, HomeServe
Having previously worked with the major mobile networks directly, we found mobile management a struggle. Since moving to Utelize, we’ve received excellent proactive support, dramatically cut our costs and removed bill-shock, whilst freeing up our IT team from mobile administration. Justin O’Sullivan – EMEA Communications Service Manager, Mitsubishi Corporation International

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