The CIOs Guide to eSIM

At Utelize Mobile we believe that eSIMs are going to transform the way that large businesses purchase and manage mobile services globally. Saving money and gaining greater control of roaming data costs is just the start.

In this guide we share the top 10 eSIM use cases for corporates.

If you’ve travelled abroad recently or booked a flight, then the chances are you’ve started to see lots of adverts and promotions about roaming eSIMs and how they can help you save money on roaming mobile data costs.

Airlines, banks, local mobile operators, travel companies and new entrant digital mobile providers are all joining the eSIM market and quickly taking market share from incumbent networks. What’s more, global technology providers like Apple are driving the adoption of eSIM, which is forcing the hand of mobile networks that were initially reluctant to support eSIM.

For example, in the USA, the iPhone 14 was only available as an eSIM only device and so it won’t be long before that is the standard for most smartphones. However eSIM has much broader uses, such as enabling permanently connected laptops that can even remove the need for VPN, or enabling great adoption of BYOD, reducing the requirement for corporate smartphones.

Download our CIO's Guide to eSIM

To discover how other large organisations are leveraging eSIM to transform mobile connectivty and support, download our eSIM guide to the ‘Top 10 Use Cases for eSIM’.

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