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Matt Atkinson | Managing Director

Managing BYOD Devices & Security with Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Historically many IT teams have rightly perceived BYOD devices to be of a higher risk than corporate devices when it comes to security and risk prevention. However, with a significant evolution in the way that mobile device security and data management can be implemented, it is now possible to consistently ensure corporate compliance on both BYOD and Corporate owned and managed devices with Microsoft Intune.

With Mobile Application Management (MAM) capabilities, access to corporate data can be controlled at the application level using Microsoft’s compliance and conditional access policies within MS Intune. This means that BYOD users no longer need to enrol their personal device into Mobile Device Management, or to allow IT full control of their device to achieve data security, removing one of the largest barriers to BYOD adoption.

With MAM, users simply download the standard Microsoft applications (e.g. Outlook or Teams) straight from the App Store and their log-in credentials and the conditional access policies set by your IT team, ensure that corporate data can only be accessed when strict conditions are met for the health of the device (for example ensuring the OS version of a device is up to date). What’s more, the Outlook email client will still enable users to maintain their own personal email, but in a totally segregated manner from their corporate email.

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Enhancing MAM

These policies can then be further enhanced with App Protection Policies which create restrictions around the use of the app or data within the app. For example, creating a policy that allows or blocks features within the app, such as copy and paste. Additionally, MS Defender can be used to provide Mobile Threat Defence capabilities which offer enhanced conditional access policies and protect against malware (viruses), network and phishing attacks. MS Defender does however allow more control over the device to IT teams than a pure MAM deployment, and so may not be suitable for all end-user deployments.


The MAM capabilities are now fully integrated into most Microsoft applications including the full MS Office Suite, Teams, Edge, SharePoint and Outlook as well as a growing range of Partner Apps including Cisco Jabber, Webex, ServiceNow and Slack. When coupled with MS Purview, which provides a comprehensive platform for the management of data loss prevention, compliance and information protection, it is now possible to enable enterprise level security and data protection on both iOS and Android BYOD devices and corporate data in a way that removes traditional personal data and privacy concerns whilst removing the associated IT overhead for BYOD MDM enrolment.

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Matt Atkinson | Managing Director

Matt has worked in the telecoms market for over 25 years, helping IT Leaders and MSPs to implement effective investment and management strategies for fixed line, mobile and unified communications technologies and services.

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