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Matt Atkinson | Managing Director

Optimising Mobile: A Strategy Guide for CIOs

If you suspect that your organisation has been spending large sums on providing corporate smartphones and mobile connectivity to employees, without really understanding whether that investment is delivering a tangible benefit or value for money, then you’re not alone.

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the role of smartphones and mobile connectivity in corporate environments has evolved significantly. As Chief Information Officers (CIOs) navigate the ever-changing dynamics of technology and workforce behaviour, it becomes crucial to re-evaluate and optimise the deployment, management, and investment in mobile devices.

This blog covers an introduction to our CIO strategy guide, which is based on our extensive expert data analysis and insights from working with enterprise customers. It aims to empower CIOs to not only reduce mobile costs but to also enhance end-user services and reallocate IT resources for more strategic initiatives.

Below we summarise some of the key subject areas in our guide that can be read in more detail by downloading the complete version at the end of our blog.

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The Shifting Landscape:

The global events of the past few years, particularly with changing working practices since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, have transformed the way your employees use their corporate issued smartphone. Many users have simply stopped using these devices all together and typically in most large organisations an even greater  proportion use their corporate smartphone infrequently. In short, a substantial portion of your workforce is likely not seeing tangible benefits from their corporate-issued smartphones. At the same time, certain types of users are consuming more data and services that ever before on their phones. Our guide sheds light on these changing dynamics and the imperative for CIOs to adapt their strategies accordingly.

BYOD Reimagined:

While Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is not a new concept, finding the right balance between protecting corporate data and ensuring user privacy on personal smartphones has been a persistent challenge. In our guide we cover how, with changing usage profiles and working practices, now is the opportune time for CIOs to reconsider the role of BYOD as a part of the solution for effective mobile management.

Insights and Approaches:

Gain insights on approaches to strategically manage large corporate mobile estates. We delve into the reasons why most businesses inadvertently overspend by 30% on mobile services without realising, and we offer actionable steps to release significant budget and IT resource. Our guide emphasises the necessity for IT to play a more strategic role in the mobile procurement process, providing CIOs with the visibility they need to make informed decisions that take account of their wider corporate IT strategy.

Leveraging Technology:

We also explore how CIOs can leverage their existing investment in Microsoft technologies such M365, Intune, Purview and MAM, as well as emerging solutions like eSIM to drive down costs and provide better solutions to end users. We emphasise these technologies as compelling enablers for secure modern working for both BYOD and Corporate device users.

Sustainable Practices:

Finally, in addition to optimising costs and technology needs for users, we address the environmental impact of corporate mobile and how introducing a sustainable policy of “Reduce | Re-Use | Recycle” can minimise e-waste from mobile devices, contributing to a greener future while unlocking further cost savings.


As organisations continue to adapt to the evolving landscape of technology and remote working, the need for CIOs to take a strategic approach to managing mobile becomes increasingly critical. Our comprehensive guide equips CIOs with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the changing complexities of corporate mobile. By embracing the insights and approaches outlined, CIOs can drive significant cost reductions, become more sustainable, enhance the end-user experience, and release their IT resources for more strategic initiatives in the process.


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Matt Atkinson | Managing Director

Matt has worked in the telecoms market for over 25 years, helping IT Leaders and MSPs to implement effective investment and management strategies for fixed line, mobile and unified communications technologies and services.

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