Ending the Two-Device Dilemma

In the eyes of most businesses, the distribution of the latest iPhone or a corporate mobile device is often perceived as a prime employee perk. However, a crucial question arises: have businesses taken a moment to inquire whether their employees already possess such devices?

Overlooking the Obvious

In this discussion, we uncover the pitfalls of the prevailing ‘One Size Fits All’ approach, where businesses assume that providing universally top of the range devices is an essential employee benefit. The failure to initiate a simple yet crucial conversation with employees about their existing devices can lead to significant financial waste and contribute to an increased carbon footprint.

Many businesses, as discussed in our previous posts, lack a nuanced approach in their decision-making process. Rather than adopting a binary view, where all employees receive identical devices, a more strategic perspective is needed. This involves recognising that there is no universal solution that suits every individual and embracing the diversity of employee needs is paramount.

Empowering Change through Sustainable Mobile

Encouraging Employee Choice: The BYOD Solution

Frequently, when employees have the option, they lean towards using their personal devices over corporate ones. Nevertheless, a lack of communication on this matter results in employees receiving devices without a clear understanding of the reasoning behind it. Actively engaging employees in decision-making processes can untap the potential for establishing sustainable practices.

Crafting a Portfolio of Services

The key lies in moving beyond the traditional ‘one device for all’ model and embracing a portfolio of services that cater to different users and their unique requirements. By strategically aligning corporate phone issuance with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options, businesses can foster sustainability and employee satisfaction simultaneously.

Striking the Right Balance: A Win-Win Scenario

The primary objective is not to enforce a uniform mobile device strategy for everyone. Instead, the aim is to discover a nuanced balance that accommodates a potentially diverse range of preferences. This approach not only fosters sustainability but also translates into substantial cost savings for the organisation.


In conclusion, the conventional approach of issuing devices without considering employee needs is outdated. Embracing a strategic and sustainable approach, which encourages employee engagement and offers choices like BYOD, not only saves money but also fosters a corporate culture in tune with the evolving needs of the workforce. It’s time for businesses to rethink their mobile device perks and pave the way for a more sustainable and employee-centric future.

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