How Much Can Your Organisation Really Save On Mobile?

In today’s business environment, efficiently managing mobile expenses is a crucial aspect of financial responsibility. One common question we are often asked is, “How much can an organisation realistically save on its mobile spend?” This blog explores the typical amounts saved and delves into extreme cases where substantial financial gains have been achieved.

On a general scale, businesses can reasonably expect savings ranging from 20% to 40% on their mobile expenditure. Extreme cases, where savings reach up to 70%, serve as a beacon of what’s possible with proactive cost management.

Two common areas cost savings are generally significant:

Uncovering Hidden Commitments

Many businesses, initially spending well over six figures monthly on mobile services, discover significant financial commitments tied to roaming bundles, data consumption, and extensive connections. Swift changes in the business landscape, as seen during events like the Covid pandemic, can leave organisations financially burdened.

Strategic Renegotiation

Strategic renegotiation becomes a powerful tool for unlocking savings when businesses find themselves locked into contracts with assumptions of perpetual stability. By reassessing contracts, demonstrating areas where phones don’t need replacement, and optimising usage, costs can be reduced by 20% to 30%, if not more.

The Extreme Cases

Across various organisations, we’ve witnessed remarkable savings, often reaching an impressive 70 to 80%. In these extreme cases, organisations have witnessed remarkable results, with savings surpassing £1,000,000 annually on their mobile spend.

While exact figures vary, this range highlights the substantial impact that strategic mobile spend management can have on an organisation’s bottom line.


In conclusion, the journey of cost saving demonstrates the potential to unlock significant gains by adopting proactive and strategic approaches to mobile cost and usage management. If you’re considering how your business could benefit from such savings, don’t hesitate to reach out. The possibilities might just be more significant than you imagine.

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