The numbers behind the trees – how we calculate the carbon impact of our reforestation work


Since January 2022, Utelize has committed to offsetting the typical lifetime Co2 emissions produced by any smartphone or tablet that it supplied to it’s customers. 

Through a commitment to plant mangrove trees in Madagascar for every device we sell, we have now been able to help reforest desolate areas of the country through committing to the planting of 13,265 trees.

It’s a good start, but we’re committed to doing much more as find new ways of balancing our business operations with the environmental impact. 

We’re often asked for the data behind the numbers, and thanks to our partners Play It Green we’re keen to share more information on how we calculate the CO2 equivalent from the trees that are being planted. 

Below we break down the data and give the calculations to show how much each tree planted is helping to sequester carbon from our atmosphere.

The Science Behind the Data

1 Tree has the offsetting value of 73.8kg of CO2 which equates to the CO2 it takes in during its first 6 years.

It’s important to mention that trees will absorb more CO2 after this, however it isn’t included in our offsetting value as rebalancing CO2 has to be done in the short term, hence 6 years not 50.

1 Tree sequesters = 73.8 kg (0.0738 Tonnes of CO2)


Car Science

  • Average Family Car Emissions = 200g/mile (124.5 g/km)
  • Average distance driven/year = 6,800 miles
  • 200 x 6,800 = 1,360,000 = 1.36 Tonnes of CO2 per car
  • 1.36 / 0.0728 = 18.43, so rounded up to 19 Trees
  • 1 Family Car for a Year = 19 Trees

Data taken from – Nimble Fins 


Short Haul Flight Science

  • Short Haul Flight Seat Emissions = 0.00014 T/mile/passenger
  • Average short-haul flight distance = 900 miles (~2h flight)
  • 0.00014 x 900 = 0.12 Tonnes of CO2 per passengr
  • 0.12 / 0.0738 = 1.63 Trees, so rounded up to 2 Trees.
  • 1 Short Haul Flight Seat = 2 Trees

Data taken from – The Points Guy


Homes Annual Energy Use

  • 3.2 T / 0.0738 = 43.36, rounded up to 44 trees
  • 1 Homes Annual Energy Use = 44 trees

Data taken from –


So, summarising the above based on a current total of 13,265 trees:

Cars Removed from the Road = 698 (13,265 Trees / 19 Trees = 698 Cars)

Short Haul Flights = (13,265 Trees / 2 Trees = 6,633 Flights)

Homes Annual Energy Use = 191 (13,265 trees / 44 trees = 301 Homes)

If you would like to find out more or have any questions on how our reforestation project works, please get in touch!

Team Utelize

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