From Mobiles to Mangroves – New Partnership Powering-Up UK Smartphone Sustainability 

Utelize Communications Limited have kick-started a new partnership with Manchester-based award-winning sustainability company Play It Green by pledging to become a Climate Positive Workforce. In the first three months alone, Utelize’s 20 staff have facilitated the planting of over 1,000 trees and reduced 80 Tonnes of Carbon to help balance the business’ carbon footprint. 

As well as improving their own business sustainability practices, Utelize are committed to supporting their customer’s sustainability goals through offsetting the lifetime carbon produced of any new smartphones they provide their customers.  Through their partnership with Play It Green, a consultancy dedicated to providing a simple and cost-effective way for businesses to take the next step to a more sustainable future, Utelize will be planting five trees for every smartphone that they provide.  

Matt Atkinson, Managing Director of Utelize believes the partnership with Play It Green is a natural fit that will appeal to their existing corporate customers and partners who are looking for more sustainable ways in which to procure & manage mobile devices. 

Matt comments, “Utelize’s services are all about simplifying the process of deploying and managing technology for mobile and remote workers in large organisations. We all know that new smartphone production places high demands on our limited natural resources and with 1% of all Carbon Emissions being caused by the use of smartphones around the world, we wanted to do something to try to help. On average, around 80kg of Carbon emissions is produced by the manufacturing process and emissions of an iPhone over a typical 3-4 year lifespan – so with a mangrove tree absorbing around 12kg of Carbon per year, we’re committing to planting 5 Mangroves for every phone we provide to our customers helping to fully offset the total carbon produced over a typical iPhone’s lifespan”.  

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder of Play It Green said, “Our vision at Play It Green is to give people and businesses the power to be greener and enjoy their journey, so we are delighted to welcome Utelize Communications on board. Not only have they taken the decision to become a Climate Positive Workforce, but through their commitment to offsetting the lifetime carbon emissions of smartphones that they provide to their customers, they have the potential to offset tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon which helps to make a tangible difference.”  

“The challenge to reach net-zero by 2050 is huge and with growing demand from customers and green legislation, practical action is a priority. At Play It Green we support this not only by helping everyone plant trees to offset carbon emissions, but by lowering their carbon footprint through news, weekly tips and access to discounted sustainable alternatives. Utelize will also gain access to our Net Zero Framework and network of sustainability experts who can offer all the tools they will need to help them on their journey.” 

To find out more on how Utelize Communications are delivering sustainable focused mobile device & connectivity management solutions please get in touch.

For more information on Play It Green and how everyone – individuals through to large companies – can become part of the climate solution, visit 

Team Utelize

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