Corporate iPhone Pricing and Device Update

So another iPhone launch comes and goes, lots of new cameras, a distinct lack of 5G, however some really interesting new features for helping business and personal usage and apps to co-exist with the new corporate ID and “User Enrolment” features.

As someone with a keen interest in both the technology and the procurement of devices, the part I really enjoy is heading over to the Apple website to see what’s changed. Here’s the low down:

iPhone 7 – gone – I’m sure like the 6s we’ll see it in the channel for sometime to come, however it’s officially left the website.

iPhone 8 – the new entry level device for corporates who want an Apple device! Some good news the price drops from £490 to £399 (ex VAT), bringing it in slightly above the outgoing iPhone 7, however for higher spec and 64GB memory vs 32GB.

iPhone XR – the exec model sees a healthy reduction in price down to £525 (ex VAT) from £625 Then we jump straight into the 11’s (X’s are gone):

iPhone 11 – £608 – so slightly below the old XR price!

iPhone 11 Pro – £874

iPhone 11 Pro Max – £957

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