Top 10 reasons why large businesses overspend on mobile services

Do you suspect you’re overspending on mobile services and devices but can’t put your finger on exactly why; or possibly you’re always over budget on mobile and are tired of trying to justify why to your finance director?

We’ve collated a quick list of some of the more common reasons large businesses struggle to control their mobile costs. Share your own experiences and add to the list below if you can think of others:

  1. Negotiating mobile contracts without understanding usage profiles or without clear business requirements – leading to the wrong type of mobile contract and terms
  2. Failing to identify wastage from unused services and connections
  3. Poor or unclear mobile policies with limited ability to monitor or manage user behaviour
  4. Not being able to accurately model vendor proposals – leading to higher than projected costs
  5. Poorly defined mobile strategy around devices, BYOD and how mobile integrates into the wider IT plans
  6. No formal processes or tools to manage mobile spend and usage each month
  7. Poor inventory management on devices, connections and users
  8. Not starting mobile contract negotiations early enough to be able to change vendors or leverage competition effectively
  9. Not using the right mobile technologies and tariffs to fit users’ real requirements
  10. Managing mobile device administration and preparation manually without the right tools and resources

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Team Utelize

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