Keep your Mobile Network. Ditch the Service.

Mobile services are one of the most challenging areas for IT teams in mid sized businesses to proactively manage. Daily challenges include managing out of control data usage and costs, ensuring devices and data are secure and reacting to business demands for new devices, often at very short notice. For many IT teams, mobile administration is actually preventing them from getting on with more strategic projects – which is holding their businesses back.

It is common for businesses that support more than 100 mobile users to be caught in a position where they can not justify the cost of a dedicated mobile support desk, but also they find they get next to no real support from their mobile network.

In fact, many businesses in this position, also find that their mobile network is actually creating more problems than they solve – with difficult or tedious order management processes, poor management information and billing, no visibility or alerting on mobile data usage and roaming costs (at least until it’s too late and the over budget bill arrives).

If this sounds familiar and your business (or one you know) is struggling with mobile device and network management or is continuously overspending on mobile bills and you’re looking for a different way, then a managed mobile service from Utelize might be the answer you’re looking for.

With our managed mobile service you get to keep your mobile network – that means no changing SIMS, no unlocking kit and no impact on your users. However you’ll also get access to:

  • Flexible and tailored tariffs and simple shared data plans that align to your actual usage – and don’t include punitive excess data charges
  • Inclusive uncapped EU roaming, and uncapped roaming in a further 100 additional countries for a simple daily charge
  • The option to combine multiple networks in the service – often on the same tariff and shared data plan for all of your users
  • Optional “personally enabled” SIM for higher volume data users
  • Near real-time proactive alerting and cost management on your mobile data usage and roaming charges, ensuring your budget and usage remains under control
  • A named support team that will get to know your business and IT team and can tailor support to the way you want to work
  • Streamlined billing and management reporting – with charges automatically aligned to your cost centres (if required)
  • Help to configure and prepare your mobile devices (including establishing user profiles and enrolling devices into corporate mobile device management software) and with logistics to ship devices anywhere they are needed at short notice
  • Enterprise Mobile Threat Defence to protect against Malware, Phishing and Man in the Middle Attacks
  • Flexible contracts and commercial terms to ensure your business can adapt to change in the future without penalties

100% satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not totally delighted with our Managed service we’ll help you migrate back to your mobile network (or another) without penalty at any time in the first 6 months.

If you’re considering renewing your mobile contract in the next year, but you know deep down that you’re going to get more of the same old poor support and unexpected charges, then maybe it’s time to keep your mobile network, but ditch the service.

Team Utelize

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