Is your mobile network provider working in your best interests or are they avoiding being transparent about your costs and usage?

The unfortunate truth is that most telecoms providers are in commercial conflict with their customers’ best interests. Clearly they can’t tell you that, however, because the proactive management of telecoms always results in the removal of wastage and overspending – it naturally erodes supplier revenues and profits, often from the areas where they make the most hidden profit.

Most organisations, however, are largely unaware of just how far suppliers go to hide this excess margin – and how they work to obscure those areas where customers are currently overspending. So, how is it even possible for telecoms suppliers to generate as much as 30% excess hidden margin without their customers noticing? Well, for that answer, it’s important to understand fully how businesses inadvertently overspend on mobile telecoms, and how suppliers quietly maximise their margin over the term of a contract.

We break it down into what we call The Four Mobile Expense Pitfalls’ that every organisation needs to understand and address if they want to achieve consistent long term success with mobile expense and usage management.

To learn more, head to our Resource Centre where you’ll find a full report on the Four Pitfalls.

Team Utelize

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