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At Utelize Mobile, we help IT leaders to dramatically reduce mobile costs and simplify the management and support of mobile devices, connectivity and security.

Helping IT Teams to Address the Challenges of Managing Mobile Devices & Connectivity

Our mobile cost management, consulting and managed services are designed to simplify the process of deploying and managing smartphones, tablets, mobile connectivity and security.

Adopting a Strategic Approach to Mobile Cost Management

Mobile is one of the few areas of IT where the behaviours of end-users can have a dramatic impact on the cost of services. Despite this, many large organisations have no clear strategy for investing in mobile devices and connectivity, few have robust processes for proactively managing mobile usage and costs on a continuous basis, and often the main path to saving money is to rely on procurement teams to negotiate a new contract.

This reactive approach to mobile cost management is one of the key reasons why many businesses overspend by 30% or more on mobile devices and network services. Putting profits in your mobile network’s pocket, and silently draining budget and resources from your IT function.

Learn how Utelize can help your organisation to take a strategic approach to mobile management and in the process generate dramatic cost savings, reduce wasted technology investments and improve the experience and support for end-users. 

Leveraging Microsoft & eSIM to Enable Secure BYOD

The bottom line is that within most large organisations typically 15 – 40% of employees that are issued with a corporate smartphone either simply don’t use that device at all or use it very infrequently.

And with a typical average “all-in” device, airtime and support cost of over £1,000 per user every 24 months, there has never been a better time to rethink the role of BYOD as part of your overall mobile  strategy.

Explore how technologies like MS Intune and specifically Mobile Application Management (MAM) and eSIM connectivity can act as the powerful enabler that CIOs have been looking for to ensure that corporate data is fully protected, but in a way that avoids the need for users to enrol their personal device into corporate MDM tools, and the associated impact that MDM has on the user’s privacy and personal data.

Negotiating Effective & Flexible Mobile Contracts

The mobile industry is renowned for creating complicated airtime contracts and tariffs, which are designed to trap large businesses into spending more than they expected over the term of their mobile agreement. And with changing working practices, finding the best approach to managing corporate mobile devices and connectivity has never been more complex.

For organisations with large mobile estates (500+ users) creating both a technical and procurement strategy for mobile is critical, if your organisation wants to avoid costly mistakes or being trapped in a contract that’s not fit for purpose.

Utelize’s tried and tested 4 Stage Model for Mobile Contract Negotiations can guide and support your IT, Finance and Procurement teams through this process, helping you to implement a flexible, cost effective and fit for purpose agreement, that will generate material savings and also enable your organisation to adapt to future change without giving back those hard earned cost savings in the long-term.

Releasing IT from Mobile Management with Utelize EMMS

For organisations that are looking for a proactive and independent specialist resource to assist their IT team with the day to day management of mobile devices, connectivity and support, then Utelize’s Enterprise Managed Mobility Service (EMMS) is specifically designed to help. Working as a direct extension of your IT team, EMMS provides access to all of Utelize’s resources, tools, services and know-how to assist with the full lifecycle of mobile management. 

We’ll provide detailed market and data insights and technical know-how to support the development of an effective mobile device, security and network strategy and you’ll have inclusive access to our specialists and benchmarking data to assist with mobile contract negotiations. And to assist with “in-life” mobile support tickets, our experienced mobile helpdesk team will provide the extra resources needed to manage orders and preparation for connectivity and devices. Helping to release your IT team for more strategic work.
Finally, we can help with your sustainability objectives by securely decommissioning, data wiping and refurbishing returned devices or reselling unwanted devices to the circular economy to encourage re-use of phones and improved sustainability.
corporate mobile & tablet device management

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Utelize’s mobile device & connectivity management services and data analysis are all underpinned by our Inview Mobile platform. Providing our Enterprise customers with total visibility and control over their device estate, usage and mobile network costs

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corporate mobile & tablet device management
corporate mobile & tablet device management

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Discover how IT leaders are adopting a strategic approach to mobile management that leverages their investment in Microsoft. Enabling their organisations to better adapt to changing working practices whilst simultaneously reducing long-term mobile costs by 30% or more.

Turning Unused Mobile Technology into Digital Classrooms in Africa

To date our customers have helped us raise over £115,000 towards our Solar Community Hubs programme with ComputerAid.

100% of the funds that we raise from the resale of gifted smartphones, tablets and laptops goes directly to building solar powered digital classrooms and community hubs. Helping to transform lives in the poorest regions of Africa.