Mobile services & technologies are constantly changing.

Staying on top of this change, and understanding its impact on your organisation and budget, can be complex and time-consuming. Utelize can help.

If you’re responsible for your organisation’s mobile services and budget, then you’re not alone in feeling under pressure to deliver and support an ever-increasing number of mobile services, devices and applications. The chances are you’re also being asked to achieve it with limited resources, and a smaller budget.

And with the rapid growth of mobile IT, data consumption, BYoD, international working, and the Internet of Things (IoT), the challenge is set to grow exponentially over the coming years.

Utelize can help you to formulate a joined-up approach to tackling these challenges. Putting you in control of your mobile estate, releasing your IT resource for more strategic work and reducing your costs.


Optimise Mobile Device & Airtime Management with Utelize.

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Most organisations unknowingly overspend on mobile services, typically by 15 – 20% each year – and mobile networks do everything possible to keep that excess usage, wastage, and cost hidden.

If you’re interested in optimising your mobile budget, eliminating wastage, excess data and roaming costs, or if you’re looking to streamline the management of mobiles in your organisation, invite us in for a no-obligation review and mobile health check.